Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 20 Christian Netflix Movies

In an effort to watch less garbage and more movies that are edifying to our souls, Deb and I started watching Christian/Faith based movies through Netflix awhile back. I realized pretty quickly that finding these movies on Netflix wasn't as easy as I thought it would be because there is no category for Christian movies. So as I found more movies I added them to our queue. After watching a bunch I decided to make this list to share it with others out there that might be doing the same thing we are.

This list is going to grow as I will try to update it frequently as we watch more movies. If you have a movie you would like to recommend us watching so we can add it to this list, please leave a comment and I most likely add it to our queue.

I would like to say that we don't necessarily agree completely with the doctrine or theology in all these movies. So a movie being on this list does not mean we endorse it in that way. Some movies I wrote a note about, others I took the description directly from Netflix.

Great Movies
1. The Hiding Place - Based on the story of Corrie ten Boom and her family sheltering Jews in their house to keep them from the Nazi's. This is an amazing story that shows servitude, forgiveness and reliance on God.

2. Amish Grace - Incredible movie based off of the true story of the Amish School shooting. The forgiveness displayed in this movie is amazing. The acting is also very good.

3. Amazing Grace - "The story of William Wilberforce (Ioan Gruffudd), an 18th-century English politician who fought for the abolition of slavery." *

4. Love Comes Softly - (1st in Series)"In the wake of her husband's death, newly widowed pioneer woman Marty tries to survive life on the open range by heeding the advice of friends (Corbin Bernsen and Theresa Russell), marrying a man she doesn't love and caring for his child." *

Good Movies
5. The Last Sin Eater - I was hesitant about this one because the title seemed kind of odd, but this movie was really good. I definitely liked it a little more than Deb, although she liked it too. I think she might have had this one a few spots lower though.

6. The Ultimate Gift - "When his wealthy grandfather finally dies, Jason Stevens fully expects to benefit when it comes to the reading of the will. But instead of a sizable inheritance, Jason receives a test, a series of tasks he must complete before he can get any money." *

7. Love's Enduring Promise - (2nd in Series)"The Davis family's farm is threatened after Clark suffers an injury. A stranger comes to the family's aid and falls in love with Clark's daughter Missie." *

8. The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry - This is a good movie that shows how the actions of one person can significantly impact many others, in a good way in this case. (Available to watch Instantly)

9. Flywheel - "Dishonest used-car salesman Jay Austin reaches an important turning point in his life when he finally realizes the errors of his ways and sets out to win back the love and trust of his wife, his son and the community." *

10. Saving Sarah Cain - Between Amish Grace and this movie its hard not falling in love with the amish. In this one, an Amish woman dies, leaving her children to her sister who lives in the big city. I'm thinking about submitting the two Amish movies to duke it out on film feuds.

Pretty Good Movies
11. Love's Abiding Joy (4th in Series)- "Homesteaders Missie and Willie LaHaye are struggling to raise a family on their farm in the Old West. When Missie's father arrives for a visit on the newly built railroad line, an unexpected tragedy will test the family's love and faith." *

12. Love's Long Journey (3rd in Series)- "Brimming with pioneer spirit, young marrieds Missie and Willie LaHaye hit the trail west in a covered wagon, intending to set down roots as homesteaders. But while she's elated at the adventure that awaits, Missie's feeling the loss of her kinfolk. Armed with faith and fortitude, the couple seeks out "family" in their new home, fortuitously finding it in unexpected places."*

13. The Lost and Found Family- "In this inspirational family drama, the luxurious lifestyle Ester Hobbes leads is shattered by the death of her husband. Left with nothing but a house rented to a foster family, Ester soon finds a deeper purpose in life. Forced to move in, she plans to sell the home, but her growing faith and attachment to troubled teen Justin and the others lead her on a divine journey as all their lives are transformed."*

14. Like Dandelion Dust - This is a story about an adoptive family who after raising their son for 8 years is threatened with losing him. This movie was produced by fox faith, which is why I added it to the queue. But, this movie has very little to due with God. It is a good movie though and I thought the acting was very good.

Just Okay Movies
15. Love's Unfolding Dream (6th in Series)-"In this installment of author Janette Oke's frontier saga, 18-year-old aspiring doctor Belinda Tyler finds herself torn between love and the medical profession. While proving her skills working as an apprentice to the town physician, Belinda loses her heart to newly arrived young attorney Drew Simpson"*

16. Letters to God - "Tyler Doherty, an 8-year-old boy who battles brain cancer and turns to God as his own private pen pal. Tyler writes and mails his missives daily, and his steadfast undertaking not only moves his family and friends, but it also alters the life of despairing postman."* (Available to watch Instantly)

17. Love's Unending Legacy(5th in Series)-"This entry in the frontier saga about the spirited LaHaye family finds widow Missie moving back to her father's ranch with her son when she's forced to give up her land. On a whim, she adopts a teenage orphan but has trouble bonding with the girl -- who's harboring a secret. Meanwhile, Missie begins to have feelings for the town sheriff, Zach Tyler"*

18. The Trial- "Following the death of his wife and sons, small-town lawyer "Mac" McClain has lost the will to live, but he sets aside despair to defend young Pete Thomason in a high-stakes case involving first-degree murder."*

Not So Good Movies
19. Last Flight Out- "With a gang of drug runners closing in on the remote Colombian village of Alto Risco and threatening to take over, time is running short for medical missionary Ann Williams in this faith-based adventure"*

20. The List- "After his father's sudden death, Renny Jacobson's only inheritance is an interest in something called the Covenant List of South Carolina. He soon discovers that all those connected with the list inherit both untold fortune -- and an ancient curse. Bound to the Covenant by blood, Renny fights to escape his evil destiny"*

* Quote from Netflix Movie description


warboner said...

You forgot what is easily *the best* Christian movie on Netflix (streaming too!): Ostrov (The Island)

R.J.B. said...

-End of the Spear

-The Mission

-Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


-Invictus (not overtly Christian but a great film)

The Happy Wife said...

I don't have Netflix but I do own Walking Across Egypt which is very compelling toward love and grace.

bucko158 said...

Thanks for your suggestions!

Suggested so far in different places to add to our queue. That will eventually find their place on the list.

Chariots of Fire
The Mission
The Island
Expelled(Have to be in the documentary mood, its nice that it is on instant though)

Movies to see again before adding them:
End of the Spear(I remember this being very good)
Facing the Giants
The Passion

So either I'm searching wrong or Netflix doesn't know that 'Walking Across Egypt' exists. Hopefully they add it at some point.

More suggestions are definitely welcome and appreciated.

Rebecca said...

I'd add some Redeeming Stories (not in order of recommendation necessarily):

God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of Lost Boys of Sudan (great story of hope, the hope of God shines thru)

Emmanuel's Gift (not christian per se, but challenging and encouraging story of hope, based on true story of a man living with disability in Ghana)

Gran Torino (gruesome language & some violence, but great message)

Shadowlands (CS Lewis life)

Facing the Giants (christian movie, not too cheesy, encouraging presentation of the gospel)

Bella (not christian, but engaging story of hope and a type of redemption)

Something the Lord Made (can't remember if this was christian per se, but well-told story based on true events)

The Nativity Story (maybe too obvious for some)

Fireproof (highly recommend)

Walk the Line ("colorful" life portrayed-not for everyone; encouraging story of redemption if you can last that long!)

War Dance (stories about kids in war-torn Uganda)

3:10 to Yuma (not christian, but thought-provoking story about character)

The River Within (kinda cheesy christian movie)

Chariots of Fire

Beyond the Gates of Splendor and End of the Spear

The Shawshank Redemption (not christian but thought-provoking take on redemption and forgiveness)

Signs (sci-fi twist to a movie about faith)

No Greater Love (christian movie, cheesy acting but challenging story about marriage)

One Night with the King (interesting take on the story of Esther)

To Save a Life (christian movie about coming to faith)

The Lost and Found Family (already mentioned; rare look at foster care families, a bit cheesy but good story)

Not Easily Broken (cheesy christian movie about marriage trials)

Torchlighters: Richard Wurmbrand Story (the entire collection is very well done - botht the kids and Peter and I enjoyed them immensely)

The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus (kid's movie)

The Prince of Egypt (kid's movie)

Prince of Peace (kid's movie)

Little Shepherd (kid's movie)

We also watched War Dance with MJ (5 y/o) and she was enthralled. The part of the movie that focuses on the retelling of the children's sad stories is done in their native language so sub-titles can be narrated by a parent in a way that is appropriate for your child.

DavidC. said...

How about Fireproof this is a great movie.

bucko158 said...

Wow, Rebecca thanks for the list. Some of those I have seen like Fireproof and Facing the Giants. I only put movies on the list that we've watched since we started doing this. So, movies we had seen before we started we will eventually have to re-watch.

About Shadowlands, I tried to watch the movie last night and I thought it was a little boring(and I am a C.S Lewis fan). I was watching the BBC one, I know the American version with Anthony Hopkins is more popular. Which one were you referring to?

Rebecca said...

I watched the Anthony Hopkins version of Shadowlands. I really enjoyed it. I have to say that I watched it before enduring the gut-wrenching/faith-challenging trials of the last 8 years. I'm not sure I would enjoy it as much now.

muffin lady said...

why not just subscribe to
all their movies are on the up and up.. and add to you list.. Treasuer Blind, Faith like a Potatoe, really good movies

muffin lady said...

why not just subscribe to christian cinema and know you are getting pretty good movies

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, where is The Perfect Stranger on this list. And: Another Perfect Stranger, The Perfect Gift and all of Kelly Film Works films! Some of the very best!

Amanda said...

And thank you. Great Blog!

buzymom said...

-Sarah's choice-single woman contemplates abortion. Christian based.
-The Encounter
-What if

Netflix changes movies often. So some movies that were available a few months ago, may no longer be available. These are some movies I've watched recently & they're pretty good.

cole said...

the encounter was a good christian film on netflix starts slow but stick with it cause it gets good.

Kylie said...

I too loved The Encounter! This is such an amazing list, thanks for putting it together.

gtchristison said...

I love Blindside also :)

JimSteberl said...

Thanks for the list . Jim Steberl from Ky

Karen said...

I so appreciate this list! Thanks for starting it and thanks to everyone who added to it!
Just a comment about getting movies from They only can send movies in the mail, not instant streaming. It makes me sad, but hopefully they will catch up with the world of instant movies.

AndySant said...

Thank everybody for this list! It is a blessing. Greetings from Mexico.

Randomhouse said...

If you're looking for a documentary like "expelled" there is a three part series called "creatures that defy evolution". I think it is a great one to watch as a family to fight the lies of evolution coming from the public school systems.

lady4pinks said...

The encounter (really good)
End of the spears (real life story) excellent
In a blink of an eye

We all should bring to Netflix attention to add christianity as a category

Starlight22 said...

Thank you for this post!
If you search David A.R. White there are a couple good movies there. The Moment After 2, Encounter,and Blink Eye is really good kind of like groundhog day but better! If you like romance Marriage retreat was good. Then you have Left Behind 2 which is good! I haven't seen some of the previous one listed on here I am looking forward to it!

lorraine said...

I gotta say, you really got a good taste. Return to the Hiding Place and Amazing Grace was one of my favorites too! (There's also this movie "The Amazing Grace", this one is from the perspectives of the slaves.) And if love history (like i do!) you might want to take a look at this documentary "The Book that Changed the World"

Here's are some great movies that you haven't mentioned yet:
The Fifth Quarter
Soul Surfer
Facing the Giants
And more that I can't recall now.

bucko158 said...

Thanks for all the comments. I do check back and add suggestions to our queue. Soon I hope to put out an updated list with the top 50.

William Baldan said...

I appreciate this so, so much. I had the same dilemma until I came across your article. Thank you for taking the time and initiative to write this article. I know that I will be blessed by it. (to muffin lady: Netflix works better for me due to my schedule. I don't always sit down to watch a movie and when I do, I don't want to wait for some DVD to come in the mail. However I think that it would be great if would incorporate a way where I can watch streamline movies on my t.v. I wouldn't mind paying extra for that.) Thank you so much!

muffin lady said...

I have purchased a roku, which allows me to watch lots of movies when I want to.
They have TBN on demand as well.
And it has NO monthly fee.

check out the movie " the first grader" awesome!

Leylani Blanco said...

Hi, I've just tried to look for most of the movies that were listed, and I found none! The only one I found was The Encounter, just started watching...not sure how it is yet.

Thanks for the list though.

7390e18a-ca23-11e1-8c61-000bcdca4d7a said...

A Mile in His Shoes is rated PG. From 2011 is excellent is available instant queue. Great Christian flick

Valerie Chavies said...

Lifted and Johnny is also fantastic Christian movies on Netflix that I enjoy. And thank you so much for creating this website. I just found it but I struggle finding good Christian movies and here's a great opportunity for me to enjoy Netflix without the profanity and dirty language.

johnwesley said...

Faith like patatos is a great christian move about life changing encounter with Jesus and a true story. I loved it

soulbunny said...

Soul surfer

Lisa Hamby said...

Amen to that :) If we want change we have to speak up

Old Gregg said...

another good movie that i recently found on Netflix streaming is The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith. This movie really encouraged me when I watched it, and I do recommend it to everyone.

Margo Gardner said...

Jesus the Movie 1999 is an excellent movie! Also Joseph. I don't know if they're in Netflix. My husband and I find movies on YouTube or on We too, refuse to watch regular movies and have found some really good ones by streaming online. Tanks so much for your list btw! God bless!

Juanita Taylor said...

Sooo glad I found this blog! I don't know if anyone has added The Encounter (Part I & II) to this list by my daughters and I enjoyed both of them!

Mike. Yeah, just Mike. said...

"Servitude" is the wrong word to use. It is not service; servitude is slavery. Please pay more careful attention to grammar.

Tiffiny9880 said...

Our family LOVED Courageous! However not on Netflix yet. Maybe soon!

Brandy Queen said...

Yes!!! Thank you all soo much for all your suggestions!!! They are greatly appreciated!!! We need to start some type of letter for Netflix to give us the "Christian" category, if they can have a "gay and lesbian" category, that's the least they could do for us!!!

J Borcz said...

Great idea creating this list. Netflix still has no Christian catagorie but has added "inspiring movies" to it catagories. It's recently added some great titles. Faith like potatoes, fireproof, and beware of Christians are all very positive, and stick to the message. I'd love to see them add courageous to the lineup. But untill then I have no problem buying that on... Just as soon as I replace our DVD player

Thanks again for starting this list

Man from Modesto said...

Faith like Potatoes! Starts slow... but well worth the watch. It is one with lessons of faith which have stuck with me.

Man from Modesto said...

Gran Torino is a commercial advertisement to convince the elderly that their children are not worthy and they should will their home to the catholic church. It is patently not Christian.

Ginasong said...

Thanks for this blog! I also believe in good Christian books. If I may, I'd like to insert the name of my website here in case anyone is looking for Christian fiction.

Ginasong said...

Thanks for the blog! I would also like to give my website for anyone out there who enjoys reading Christian fiction. Thanks!

doz hop said...

Upside is a great Christian Movie

doz hop said...

Upside is a greart Christiam
n movie

Kristi said...

forever strong is a really great one

Kristi said...

And the five people you meet in Heaven. soooo good.

JesusSaves19 said...

Beware of mere christian (documentary of 4 Christian boys going to England)

Ashlie Abbott said...

Johnny. Its An Amazing Movie.

Sam Carew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Carew said...

Thanks for sharing...God bless

maemay said...

*Believe In Me
*Hachi (5 Hankerchief)
*Mighty Macs

These are not Christian, but good wholesome movies.
"The Ron Clark Story"
is also great but there may be some language. Just do not remember.

Charlie Young said...

Beware of The Christians is a great documentary type of film about four college age boys traveling around Europe to figure out what they believe vs. how society says we should live.